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Personalised support to tackle the root cause of your digestive symptoms


Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition evaluations, personalised programmes and ongoing support.


Gut Health Testing

A range of tests to investigate the root cause of your digestive symptoms.


Digestive Conditions

Common conditions I help with are IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and more.


Holistic Digestive Healthcare

Dietary Support

Specific dietary recommendations for you and your symptoms.

Natural Supplements

Appropriate and personalised supplement protocols for each step of your journey.

Clinical Testing

Understand what might be causing your symptoms with gut health tests.

One-to-one Support

Healing isn’t always a straight forward path.  That’s why I offer ongoing support to get you feeling great again.

Online Consultations

Easy to access consultations from your own computer.

Root Cause Resolution

Address the root cause and discover change that lasts.

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How it works

1. Free Consultation

The free 15-minute consultation serves as an initial symptoms assessment.

2. Initial Consultation

A deep dive into your symptoms, health history, current diet, and much more, to create your programme.

3. Follow-up Support

Follow-up support to ensure you get to where you want to be.

Addressing the root cause

Digestive complaints are one of the most common issues you can face.

With symptoms that can be leaving you feeling drained, frustrated you may be unsure where to seek help.

Your condition may be being medically managed using drugs to attempt to suppress symptoms or you may have been left to self-manage the situation by avoiding troublesome foods. That is if the troublesome foods are indeed known!

There is a better way – by addressing the underlying disturbance in the gut.

While there can be a number of reasons behind this, it is my job to find out why and to help you take back control of your gut health.



A free eBook to get you started

Beat the Bloat

Learn the 5 main causes of bloating, understand what might be causing your digestive issues, and discover the essential steps that may help heal your gut for good.

  • The best tools for beating the bloat.
  • Why many approaches may not work.
  • Addressing the most common causes of bloating.

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Start taking back control of your gut health today

Book a free consultation call with Martin and take an initial dive into your symptoms



Nutritional therapy puts you at the centre of the approach and doesn’t simply treat you as a set of symptoms or a diagnosis.

Understanding how and when your symptoms began as well as any specific triggers can be key to getting your digestive system back on track.  All recommendations are personalised.


Restrictive diets, digestive enzymes, trialing endless supplements (and not to mention the Googling that comes along with it!) can be extremely tiring and often only focuses on the symptoms, not the root cause.

To truly resolve symptoms, the underlying issue needs to be addressed.


The vast majority of people I have helped have been living with symptoms of IBS for years, if not decades.  This does not mean that nothing can be done.

While testing through GPs can be helpful to rule out certain digestive diseases, IBS may be more complex.