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Martin Cohen

IBS Specialist - Manchester

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is a label.

But it doesn’t tell us what is causing the symptoms.

I can help you to uncover what's behind your symptoms and how to address the underlying issue(s).

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What is IBS?

IBS isn’t a condition like diabetes or heart disease. In those conditions, there is a clear understanding of how they develop and how to test for them.

In IBS things are less clear. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is diagnosed on symptoms alone. So the presence of:

  • bloating
  • cramping
  • altered stool patterns (constipation or diarrhoea)

may help to diagnose IBS, but they don’t help us to understand why you may be experiencing them.

The cause of these symptoms (the ‘why‘) can be different for each individual, so understanding and investigating the issues you’ve been facing can be essential.

Causes of IBS

The multiple factors that contribute to IBS have recently been explored in a peer reviewed article entitled “Does Irritable Bowel Syndrome Exist? Identifiable and Treatable Causes of Associated Symptoms Suggest It May Not”.

This title is not suggesting that IBS is made up in your head.

The article in fact focuses on discussing that there are many underlying issues that can contribute to the digestive system being sent out of balance.

It’s this disruption that is leading to your symptoms.

By identifying which underlying factors are most relevant to you and addressing them that we work towards bringing about lasting change.

The underlying causes of IBS fall into 3 categories

Functional Imbalances

(eg. gut bacteria imbalances, infections)

Nutritional Factors

(eg. vitamin deficiencies, food sensitivities)

Lifestyle & Environment

(eg. stress, poor sleep)

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Research estimates that the underlying cause of symptoms in up to 80% of IBS sufferers is a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine known as SIBO


Common (Mis)Conceptions About IBS

IBS can be a confusing topic.  On one hand, you may have been told it’s a ‘life-long condition’  but on the other knowing, there must be other options out there.


There is no cure for IBS.
  • A very common journey you may have been on with your digestive system is that mild symptoms crept up. This may be a small amount of bloating or a slight change in bowel patterns.
  • Symptoms may then have gradually worsened with a trip to your GP soon after.  Perhaps there was the hope of getting advice on dietary changes or medications or even hope for a referral to a specialist for specific tests.
  • Stool samples, gastroscopies, and endoscopies may have all come back normal.  These tests rule out anything more worrying, but this is when you may have been labeled with the umbrella term of IBS.

You may have been told;
  • It’s nothing sinister so don’t worry.
  • It’s just IBS.
  • It’s something you’ll need to self-manage.
Does this sound familiar?

Trying to self-manage symptoms by keeping endless food diaries, managing stress, and trying various medications becomes exhausting.

Your focus may be on symptom management, rather than finding the root cause.  Simply because there is ‘no cure for IBS.’

Right?  Well…


All digestive symptoms have a root cause.
  • It’s often at the point when the label of IBS is applied, you may feel a little unsure what the next steps are.  You may have even thought to yourself, ‘are there even any next steps?’
  • For so many, the reality is that this can be the point where the real work begins to identify and address the underlying issue.
  • This can be where the focus changes from symptom management (e.g. trying to identify trigger foods) and moves to trying to identify the root cause (e.g. What’s causing your body to react to foods in that way?)

Somewhere along the line, your digestive system has been sent out of balance.

The truth is:
  • The diagnosis of IBS is often too commonly applied.
  • IBS might as well be called ‘we don’t know’.
  • IBS has many root causes. It’s about identifying yours.

The truth is that each and every digestive symptom has an underlying cause.

To get you back feeling human again, we need to address yours.

This is how we can resolve your digestive issues and for you to live symptom-free again.

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Treatment & Therapy

Rather than living on a restricted diet forever, there is another way. By identifying and addressing the underlying issue we can bring about lasting change.

Personalised dietary recommendations
Strain-specific probiotic supplementation
Targeted nutritional supplementation
Gut health tests to identify key imbalances
Supportive lifestyle recommendations
Gut balancing protocols

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