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Have you tried everything, or been told by numerous GPs or specialists that it’s just IBS?

Or have you been given medication to suppress your symptoms but you’re still experiencing issues?

These free consultations serve as a way of me getting an initial impression of your gut health.  From this, I will offer my honest opinion of what the next step should be to take back control of your digestion.

Simply use the form below to book your complimentary consultation.  These can be held over the phone or via a video call on Skype or Zoom.

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Martin’s expertise and approach to nutrition is a holistic one. He helped me to understand not just more about the topic of health and diet, but also how I can be empowered to make positive changes to my long-term health with nutrition – physical, mental, and emotional. I’ve already seen results from following Martin’s instructions and guidance, so I’m very grateful to him!

Martin listened and asked pertinent questions. As a result of our conversation, I tried a new eating plan recommended by him, within 4 days the symptoms eased and within 2 weeks I had no symptoms. I am still symptom-free and thrilled by the result, life is joyful again!

I was really impressed with the dedication Martin showed in helping me to find some relief; he really went the extra mile and was always available for contact in the event of any developments. Very satisfied customer.

I’ve had a really great experience working with Martin around my gut issues. His sessions are very personalised, he took the time to really understand my issues and what I wanted (and needed) from this process. I’ve felt a massive improvement in my symptoms… Symptoms that have plagued me for years, and within just a few weeks of following Martin’s plan for me, have massively improved. I would definitely recommend!

Martin has been fantastic. When I reached out to him and explained my symptoms he hit the ground running with a quick and accurate diagnosis of my issues. He provided a diet plan which was easy to follow and access to the supplements necessary to restore my gut health back to where it should be. I can’t thank him enough for his ongoing support.
I’ve no hesitation in giving Martin a 5* review.

Martin came highly recommended to me, so much so, I regularly traveled over 200 miles to see him. I have seen a massive improvement with my gut health since my first session and Martin has given me some fantastic tools to use to not only improve my gut health but overall life.