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Beat The Bloat - cover

How To Beat the Bloat

Digestive issues are more common than you think and appear to be on the rise.  With up to 12% of the population has diagnosed IBS and it is estimated by some that around 40% of people have at least 1 digestive symptom.

These can be things such as unpredictable bowel habits, indigestion or heartburn but one of the most common symptoms reported is bloating. Download this free ebook to discover how you can beat the bloat.

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25 Ways Of Getting More Fruit & Veg

Life is busy.  I get it.  It can be hard to get to grips with juggling family commitments, fitting in gym time and making sure your diet is full of fruit and veg.  In an ideal world we’d all have plenty of time for all of these things so adding what you can as easily as possible can make a massive difference.

This e-book will give you tips on how to get more of the good stuff into your diet in a super easy way!

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How To Live Longer - Cover

How To (Hopefully) Live Longer

For some of us the main aim of healthy eating is not only to feel better in the here and now but to simultaneously help to ward off conditions that may lead us down a road towards illness as we age.

While living longer has been made possible through the use of medication, are we reaching that older age in good health or with achy joints, high blood pressure and a shopping bag full of medication?  Is there really much use in reaching 100 years of age if you feel like you’re 200 years old? ⁠So how can we make the most of our health?

Check out my free ebook to discover some easy tips!

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