Intestinal Parasites

It’s common for digestive issues to begin while travelling abroad or after a case of food poisoning while eating out.

This can be a short spell of diarrhoea with cramping, nausea and fever that may be caused by a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection and is most commonly reported when travelling in South East Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

Often the more uncomfortable symptoms subside but general IBS symptoms can remain as a single episode of travellers diarrhoea can increase the risk of IBS by approximately 5 fold.

The Microbiome

Symptoms Associated with Travellers Diarrhoea/Parasites

  • Blood in stool – 15%
  • Vomiting – 12%
  • Dysentery (blood and/or fever) – 22%
  • Cramps – 66%
  • Nausea – 46%
  • Fever – 18%


Understanding what’s going on ‘under the hood’ can be of particular help when dealing with long term digestive issues.

This can allow us to engage in a more targeted approach.

Stool testing provides valuable information on the types of bacteria present as well as if parasites are contributing to the overall picture.

Following conventional treatment, there can be imbalances or persistent low-grade inflammation in the digestive system.  So even though the offending organism may have been removed, additional repair and rebalancing may be needed.

Testing can help direct the most appropriate support. This will come in the form of dietary suggestions and targetted supplements to help rebalance, repopulate, and restore the gut.w


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