Reflux / Heartburn

Heartburn is a condition that appears in 10-20% of the western population.  It develops when the contents of the stomach refluxes into the oesophagus and leads to troublesome symptoms and/or complications.

You may be experiencing heartburn as a burning sensation that rises from the stomach or lower chest up towards the neck. It generally gets worse after eating.

While antacids can provide prompt relief they do not address the underlying issue.

Other signs of reflux:

  • Chronic cough
  • Bad breath
  • Dental erosions
  • Chronic laryngitis

Possible Causes

Symptoms of heartburn might be easy to identify but contributing factors can include:

Food allergy and intolerances

Imbalances in gut bacteria

Slow gastric emptying

Elevated BMI

Impaired saliva function

Lower oesophageal sphincter incompetence

Dietary Factors

Common foods can trigger heartburn by increasing acid secretion as well as causing the lower oesophageal sphincter to relax.

Focusing on foundational eating practices is the starting point to help reduce incidences of reflux.

These include taking time to eat and chewing food adequately as well as not eating food too near bedtime. Further to this analysis of your diet for triggers and investigating the possible causes (outlined above) are all areas for attention.

The foundation of the approach is to identify underlying issues, remove factors that are deemed to be worsening symptoms, and promote a balanced response.

The therapeutic aims are to;

Relieve symptoms

Decrease oesophageal inflammation

Promote oesophageal healing

Address exacerbating factors

Promote antioxidant defenses

Improve salivary gland function/
Oesophageal acid clearance

Support gastric emptying

Support the central nervous system


After living with unpredictable bowel habits for around 18 months I visited Martin. He was quick to make gentle adjustments to my diet which resulted in a my main symptoms of gas and bloating dramatically reducing. Over the following sessions we identified troublesome foods and the underlying issue.


Martin has been great - I am so glad I found him. I feel like he really listens to his clients' individual needs and works in a very perceptive and flexible way. It was very interesting to begin to get a holistic understanding of how my gut works and learn ways of eradicating and minimising different IBS symptoms.


Working with Martin has been massively beneficial for me. I came to him with IBS related issues and he was able to guide and advise me to a place where I am largely now symptom free over a course of a few weeks. His guidance around supplements for both myself and my children has also been extremely valuable.


Feel like you again.
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