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Introduction to Fermentation

During this three hour workshop we will delve into the magical world of fermentation. You'll learn about the role fermentation has played throughout history and create your own range of fermented foods that you can take home with you....


Gut Makeover Sessions

Have you resolved to improve your gut health or get to bottom of a digestive issue for good? Are you ready to take a different approach for a happier, healthier gut?...


Fermented Food Workshop @ Wild & Wild

A two hour workshop you'll see demonstrations and receive practical guidance as you create your own range of fermented foods that you can take home with you along with a discussion on the role fermented foods have played throughout history and why we use them now in nutritional therapy....


Happy Gut – Webinar

Are you confused by all the posts and blogs that talk about the best way to look after your gut? Or are you unsure if the money you’re spending on probiotics is really worth it? Join me on the free webinar to find out how to really look after the most important part of your body. Your gut!...


Fermented Food Workshop @ Pepino Deli

Fermenting As a nutritional therapist, food is always one of first areas I focus on with clients. The type of food we eat can impact our weight, energy, cravings, risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes occurrence, brain health and much more. The quality of the food not only has an impact on how much nutrition it contains to power our human cells but how much nutrition it contains to power the bacterial cells living in our gut. This world of bacteria is known as the microbiome. Each and every week there is more research linking the role of the microbiome to a whole range of health issues. Conditions such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s as well as diabetes and thyroid conditions may all be connected...